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A lot of folks feel helpless when it comes to their health and the idea of immunity building never even enters into their minds. Even those who do know they can strengthen themselves to fight off colds and other tiny assailants tend to limit themselves to the few things that they know, maybe Echinacea or Vitamin C.

While those are excellent choices, constantly using the same approach, can eventually lead to patterns that will start to open up breaks in your immune defense. Here is an analogy for you. Say you are in the boxing ring and fighting against a real tough contender.  You have been able to win a few rounds by focusing on hitting your opponent with a series of right handed punches. Since this method seems to be working, you keep it up. After awhile though this tough competitor starts to expect those right hooks and starts to block those punches enabling some return shots to your own body. After suffering for a spell you decide to try to mix up your punches a little. Suddenly you once again gain the upper hand and are able to knock out the challenger to your health and wellbeing and exit the ring with some new strategies for the next time someone is spoiling for a fight.Get Some New Tricks Up Your Sleeve for Immunity


Don’t just rely on that right hook! Several herbs are useful in boosting your body’s immune defenses.

Just like the prize fighter, it is a good idea to have a few extra tricks up your sleeve when you have a malicious enemy challenging your good health. In addition to Echinacea and Vitamin C, some other great immune builders are Olive Leaf, and Garlic. I like to tell my friends to try different approaches to immune building to stay on top of their game. Using different herbs as well as staying physically active are a great start.

We also have some great Hanna Kroeger formulas specifically targeting parts of the body most often hit by seasonal malaise. Sinus Blend, Black Radish & Parsley for the throat and Lung Formula are particularly effective.

Remember to get creative with your approach to keeping healthy and the prize of good health can be yours. Choosing a special combination of immune boosting herbs can help you fight off illness year round. Don’t just think about prevention and addressing sickness in the winter or fall–the need to boost your immune system is a year round goal!


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