Natural Healing, Behind the Scenes

September 10th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Hanna Kroeger


Hanna was a natural healer and worked hard to bring healing to those who came to see her.

Hey guys. I thought it would be fun this week to talk a little bit about the process by which some of Hanna’s formulas came into being and how her natural healing happened behind the scenes every day.

Hanna had contact with many people both through her travels where she gave lectures on health and healing and through her Peaceful Meadow Retreat, where she taught closer to home, actually, right out of her home.  Many people would seek her out when they had some kind of health issue and they were unsure what the next step was. Usually she had a ready answer for them. But not always.

When she was stumped, she was not accepting of that as the final answer and she would put it to the frontline of her efforts until she came up with an answer. I especially remember one time when she was trying to come up with a solution for people with benign cysts. I had only been working for Kroeger for a relatively short amount of time and she came to me with a list of three herbs; Cottonwood Leaf, Grape Leaf and Chaparral Leaf, and the proportions to mix them. Now these are not all commonly traded herbs through the normal channels. Luckily we have many different options when it comes to sourcing raw materials. Though, it still is a challenge when they are new to our operation.

Well we all got right on the task of getting the herbs in, getting them to our resident miller and encapsulated as fast as we could. Which we thought was pretty fast. Hanna had a different opinion. You see. Once Hanna came up with her solution, she had already spread the word that it was available and she would check in with us every day to see if it was ready and usually well before it was done we would start getting orders for it from stores around the country.

We have always enjoyed the challenge and even though she often made us look like we were slowpokes holding back the healing medicine from her faithful followers, it was an honor to work so closely with such an amazing woman.


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  • Evan Simons

    I am so impressed by the way Hanna intuitively selected herbs for her formulas. So many of her ingredients were from old traditional herbal medicine, the stuff that really works.

  • karim

    Very thoughtful post on natural healing .It should be very much helpful.

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