Liver Cleansing Home Remedy

June 23rd, 2010 · 4 Comments · home remedy

It’s a great time of year to pay attention to our liver!  Try this recipe from our founder, Hanna Kroeger to get your liver rejuvenated and working properly. Our livers do so much for our bodies and we take the healthy function of it for granted. Follow this home remedy to keep your liver happy and healthy!

Liver Cleansing Recipe


Hanna taught us to find herbs and foods to heal and this liver cleansing recipe does just that!

One teaspoon dandelion root

One teaspoon angelica or arnica

One teaspoon wormwood

One teaspoon gentian

Boil in two cups water, simmer and strain.

Add two quarts apple juice and four ounces freshly squeezed lemon juice and drink this in small portions during the day.  Do this for two to three days and repeat if needed once a month.  Take only stewed fruit and apple juice on these days.

Hanna believed in cleansing the liver to achieve optimum health and this recipe, along with some of our liver specific products will help keep your body functioning at its peak!

For a list of herbs and foods to keep your liver happy and healthy, see a recent post here. To see why our livers are so important, check out this recent post.


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