Radiation-A Fact of Modern Life

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Radiation is a fact of modern day life but there are ways you can fight back!

With continued increase in concern over the radiation that could affect the world’s population and food chain, we wanted to take some time to outline some important things to remember and be an outlet for questions and concerns.

It is important to remember that during times of disaster we see the best and worst in people. We have seen the bravery and unity of the Japanese people and we have seen the worst of companies trying to make a quick buck by scaring the public into making purchases of their product. We want to do everything we can to help educate you so that you are better prepared to make choices concerning your health and the health of your family.

Currently there are so many different views concerning when the radiation from the power plant in Fukushima, Japan will be remedied… weeks? Months? Years? While no one can be certain, you can continue to arm yourself with knowledge and get as much information as possible concerning the food supply you will ingest and the supplements meant to treat radiation that are quickly flying off shelves. No matter if you live on the West Coast or are tucked away in the Florida Keys, this information is helpful to you and people you know.


So what is the FDA doing to protect consumers from buying products with high doses of radiation? Screening at US borders remains vigilant and radiation screening of shipments means a slower process of getting the food to shelves but ensures that the food there is safe. With the issue of the Import Alert 99-93, the importation of all milk and milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits produced or manufactured from the four Japanese prefectures (Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma) will be detained upon entry into the US. These foods will not be allowed to come into the food supply unless shown to be free of radionuclide contamination. Some food items have been banned from the US completely until further notice.

While the FDA is working hard to keep our food chain clear you can help yourself and your family by paying attention to where the food you are ingesting has been grown. Locally grown and organic food is always the best option but, depending on where you live, this may not be an option at all. Use your best judgment and don’t be afraid to ask questions of the staff of the market.

There are foods that have been suggested byBrigitte Mars to incorporate into your diet to help your body protect itself from radiation. These foods include:

•Buckwheat and brown rice

•Seaweeds rich in iodine and microminerals, such as Kiziki, found in macrobiotic Asian food sections

•Wheat grass and barley grass

•Sulfur rich vegetables including broccoli, cabbage and mustard greens

•High-pectin foods including carrots, sunflower seeds and apples

•Liver-cleansing foods such as artichokes, beets and radishes

•Fermented foods such as miso and unpasteurized sauerkraut

•Nutritional yeast

Green and Black tea are important to add to your diet when addressing radiation.

•Green and black tea

The site also includes a list of suggested herbs and vitamins to assist the body in protecting itself from radiation:

•Garlic, burdock, dandelion, milk thistle seed, nettles, yellow dock



•Vitamins A, Beta-Carotene, B complex and C; zinc, calcium and magnesium

Whether you choose to stock up with these foods, herbs and vitamins now is a choice you need to make on your own. Don’t let the pressure of companies force you into making decisions based on fear. If you have doubts, ask questions and do a bit of research on your own before making a purchase. The key is to do what makes you comfortable based on how you have educated yourself with a situation.

There have been numerous claims about products since the disastrous events in Japan in March and the product brought up most often is Potassium Iodide. While this is a great product, it will not fully protect you from nuclear fallout as some companies have claimed. For Potassium Iodide products the potassium is supposed to protect you from radioactive cesium and the iodide protects against radioactive iodine. The only issue with this theory is that the amount of potassium needed is different than the amount of iodine needed during different stages of radiation exposure so it cannot be a cure all as many companies would like you to believe. While we encourage you to protect your thyroid and implement supplements like potassium iodide into your routine you should know that it is not a wonder drug as it has been touted to be in the last few weeks. If you do choose a potassium Iodide product, be sure to do your homework and see what the right amount of each will be for you and monitor your doses closely. With nuclear radiation, potassium iodide can help but is not nearly enough on its own. Additionally, potassium iodide addresses only the potentially acute situation of the thyroid, to prevent the spread of radioactive potassium throughout the body, but radiation can penetrate anywhere, from bone marrow to the digestive tract.  Refer back to our natural foods and supplement list above and make a plan that is your own.

Our intention is to educate you to the best of our ability about what you can do to protect your family from the effects of radiation. However, radiation is everywhere and this recent scare has been amplified by companies looking to make a quick buck from the fear of consumers. Consider this: you are exposed to radiation when you watch tv, sleep beside your spouse, fly on an airplane or even from the smoke detectors in your house. Every day we are exposed to radiation! This is not meant to alarm you but simply to bring into perspective the fact that making good choices year round prepares you mentally and physically for what can happen beyond your control.

 How We Can Prepare for the Day to Day Exposure of Radiation

Between the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year and now the nuclear tragedy in Japan, the earth is being increasingly subjected to major environmental trauma from heavy industry and so are the people.

Take to heart the fact that in today’s society, while there are heavy metals, pollutants and radiation, there is so much you can do to protect yourself. The potential after effects of the radiation we experience day-to-day involves cancer, digestive problems, skin issues and more. Why not make your focus be about protecting yourself year round rather than getting on board with deceptive marketing and advertising? Here are some of our favorite products to assist your body in combating unwelcome pollutants and environmental toxins all year long:

Chem X-a combination of black tea, chaparral, condurango bark, red clover, paprika and spikenard. Folklore use and modern research employ herbs that cleanse and protect against the build-up of chemicals in the body. Research on paprika has found that it may protect against outside contaminants. Black tea has also shown excellent antioxidant properties, which help combat free radicals or unstable molecules.

Metal X-an ensemble of pumpkin seeds, okra, rhubarb root, capsicum, peppermint and dulse. It is designed to clear metals from the system and decrease our toxic load by increasing the body’s eliminating abilities. Capsicum, rhubarb and okra support healthy intestinal function while dulse and pumpkin seeds assist the drawing qualities of the urinary system. Peppermint may improve bile flow, which is one of the liver’s detoxification mechanisms.

Echinacea has a history of keeping the immune system in tip-top shape. Although Echinacea has gained much of its popularity for colds and flu, its support for the immune system may be beneficial for protection against secondary issues arising from excessive toxins. Echinacea has also been used for supporting the respiratory tract, which is the site of first exposure to air pollution, and thus often the most affected by it.

The body’s preference is to eliminate toxins as soon as possible, provided that the right components are available for the liver to do its job. Milk Thistle has been the subject of a large amount of scientific research over the last 30 years, showing that it improves toxin clearance by promoting healthy bile function. In addition, its antioxidant activity protects against cell damage from these toxins.


Finally, we want to leave you with our favorite tips concerning the environment in which you live and the choices you can make to help your air, water and food be cleaner now and for generations to come:

•Buy organic

•Get a water filter or drink purified water

•Reduce the amount you drive. Ride a bike, take the bus or carpool to work

•Look for products without additives, chemicals, metals or impurities in them; especially food and body care items.

•Replace any aluminum cookware with stainless steel, ceramic or glass

•Take supplements that will aid your body in removing toxins and counteract their effect on your body.


Hanna left us with several tips for addressing radiation but most importantly, she left us with several herbal products to address it.

Remember, humans are very adaptable creatures and when we give our bodies the resources to maintain optimal health we may lessen the effects of an impure environment.  Use good judgment when it comes to your body and how you will react to a situation. Ask questions, educate yourself and consider what we have told you today. While the harm that could come from the disaster in Japan is possible, by informing yourself of what you can do day-to-day by following a solid herbal and food program will help you to be better prepared mentally and physically. Seek out answers to your questions and find ways to help yourself or your family that are tested and true, not a part of a marketing scheme. And, once you have found some information that could be useful, spread the word… Hanna has taught us to help one another.


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