Is there a Cure for Asthma?

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Finding relief from breathing trouble is important to those who battle asthma or struggle to maintain even breathing. Inhalers, prescription medication, and breathing treatments are ways to address the trials your lungs present to you but there are also natural methods to address asthma and other breathing conditions. While there is no cure for asthma, there are several natural remedies and herbal supplements you can incorporate into your life to achieve healthier lung function. Breathe easy, help is on the way.

Tinctures, a Natural Remedy for Asthma

Address the woes of asthma and breathing conditions with tinctures.

Tincturing releases special properties for a potent and convenient way to use herbs while packing a big punch. Each drop brings healing for a variety of ailments and breathing troubles are included! While you may have heard that Ginger is good for nausea or Saw Palmetto is fantastic for prostate health, did you know that both of these herbs also support your lungs and in turn are effective in addressing the difficulties of asthma? Licorice root and Marshmallow root also help to maintain healthy lung function among the several other benefits they bring to your body. Tinctures are powerful and fast acting but are in no way meant to treat an asthma attack. While expecting tinctures to cure asthma would lead to disappointment, any of these 4 tinctures taken over time will provide support to your lungs and may help decrease the discomfort associated with breathing issues and asthma.  (To learn more about how to make your own tinctures, see a recent blog post here.)


The Formula for Healthy Lungs

Lung Formula™ (formerly Sound Breath®)

Hanna's Lung Formula

 Tinctures aren’t the only herbal star in addressing asthma and breathing conditions. Hanna Kroeger created a special combination of herbs in a capsule called Lung Formula to address complaints she heard about lung function. Her blend of Garlic, Rosehips, Rosemary, Echinacea root, and Thyme was so success in helping to maintain natural capacity and efficiency of the lungs in an easy to take supplement that the same formula is still made today! Hanna focused on using only the purest herbs to bring healing and Kroeger Herb Products continues to follow that tradition with this herbal combination and many others. Hanna understood the important role the lungs play in a happy life and she wanted to share natural, herbal healing with everyone.


I Don’t Have Asthma, Why Does this Apply to ME?

If you aren’t experiencing breathing troubles or don’t struggle with asthma, the proper function of your lungs is still important; prevention and maintenance go hand-in-hand for a healthy life. Lung Formula and each of the tinctures listed not only bring relief for those who have asthma or difficulty breathing but can also be used to maintain lung function and capacity now.


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