Increase Energy Levels Naturally with Herbs & Oils

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Herbs are an effective way to address energy levels and provide a natural outlet to do so. While caffeine or gimmicky products provide a burst of energy, the inevitable come-down from this spike may leave you feeling worse than you did before. Instead of using chemicals or coffee to increase energy levels, why not boost them with something beneficial for your entire system? Herbs and essential oils are great choices for supporting your body, fighting fatigue, and increasing energy levels.

Increase Energy Levels with Herbs

Schizanda can increase energy levels naturally

Schizanda can increase energy levels naturally

Schizandra is a powerful adaptogen and is noted for its ability to address a range of ailments and complaints ranging from lack of energy to sexual dysfunction and even sleep disorders. Because this tiny berry is so powerful, only a small amount is needed to reap the benefits. Schizandra increases energy levels by boosting the body’s resistance to fatigue and providing a natural spark within the system. Sound too good to be true? Give it a try! Schizandra has been popular for thousands of years in Chinese medicine but is only now gaining popularity in the U.S. Adaptogenic herbs do need your patience however, so plan to take them daily for up to a month for the benefits to become clear.

Ginseng is another herb, also adapotgenic, that addresses energy levels. This herb is available widely as a supplement or tincture to increase energy and stimulate the system naturally. If fatigue is something you struggle with throughout the day, it may be a good idea to see how 15 drops of the concentrated tincture can give you a natural pick-me-up instead of reaching for that 4 o’clock cup of coffee. Ginseng has been especially beneficial for men as it promotes prostate health and function.

Increase Energy Levels with Essential Oils

Learn which oils increase energy levels naturally!

Learn which oils increase energy levels naturally!

You may not realize it but scent plays an amazing role in how we feel. Think about how the simple smell of cookies baking in the oven may make you happy or peeling an orange perks up your mind; scent is powerful. Utilizing herbs is effective in increasing energy levels but essential oils can also benefit your day-to-day struggles with fatigue. Some oils to consider are tea tree oil (for mental fatigue), basil (for a mood and energy boost late in the day), peppermint (to get your body and mind going in the morning), rosemary (to stimulate your entire body), or citrus scents (to boost mood and increase energy levels immediately). To learn more about how essential oils can benefit your mood and even your sleeping patterns, see a recent blog post here.

We all struggle with fatigue and lack of energy sometimes but with these herbs and essential oils you can help curb that struggle naturally. Don’t discount the boost you can find from regular exercise and a good night’s rest! Even proper hydration plays a role in how we feel and our energy levels. Increase energy levels naturally with these suggestions and please share any ideas that have worked for you!

To learn more about adapotgenic herbs and how they can benefit your entire body, see this post.


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