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Hanna believed in the power and importance of cleansing organs and detoxifying the system once a year. If the body is functioning properly then you will feel at your best and will be able to properly digest food, absorb nutrients, keep your system clear of hitchhikers, and promote your general health. Curious to learn more about cleansing and detox for the body? We’re here to help!

Digestive Cleansing and Detox

Proper movement within our system is important to our health and when we are unable to move our digested food from our bodies, problems arise. Take care of your digestive tract, namely the intestine and colon, with this selection of products designed to help soothe discomfort, cleanse and detoxify the body. From tea to apple cider vinegar, to aloe or supplements, there’s something in this section that everyone will be comfortable incorporating into their day.

Liver Cleansing and DetoxNatural cleanses and detox programs for the body are important for all your organs!

Our livers work overtime and are often a forgotten organ in the cleansing process. If the liver does not function properly or is weak, our entire system is affected. Whether you are looking to cleanse the organ thoroughly or provide support, this section contains a variety of products to help you do that. Dandelion root and Milk Thistle are two good examples of herbs that can be taken daily to provide support to the liver while products like the Liver Cleanse Kit are to be taken for 2-4 days to cleanse the organ. Learn more about how the liver works and how you can support it in a recent blog post here.

Kidney Cleansing and Detox

Like the liver, our kidneys work to keep our body running properly and I’ll be that until something goes wrong, you don’t give your kidneys much thought. Kidney stones are one of the most common complaints with this organ and there are herbs, supplements, and vitamins you can incorporate into your diet to rid your body of the stones and to properly support your kidneys. See those products, including Hanna’s Kidney Works Kit, here. Curious what else you can do to prevent and dissolve kidney stones? Take a look at our recent blog post that shares foods to eat to avoid them.

Parasite Cleansing and Detox

This is an uncomfortable topic and I’m sure many of you may think, “I don’t have a parasite!” but how do you know? From amoebas to flukes or worms, we’ve got products to help you rid your system of these hitchhikers. Read up on our popular anti-parasite products in this recent blog post.

General Cleansing and Detox

Whether you’re trying to cleanse your blood, skin, lungs, or the toxins and pollutants from your system, this section will help you out. Modern day living means a variety of environmental elements will have an impact on our entire bodies and having herbal and natural products available to help flush the system is important. We even have products for the brain in this section! Take a look!

If you’ve considered doing a cleanse or detox before but worry it’s an expensive and drawn out process, we hope you’ll take a look at our cleansing and detox sections listed above. Don’t think of disgusting drinks and gallons of water as the way to achieve a proper cleanse and detox! Make a decision to get your body ready for the change in seasons and do it naturally. Our Candida Kit and our Wormwood Kit are our most popular cleanses year-round and provide gentle and thorough detox for the body.

For questions about these products or the order in which to cleanse your organs, feel free to contact us!


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