What is Candida Albicans? When Should I do a Candida Cleanse?

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Candida albicans is a naturally occurring fungus in each and every one of our bodies and is found on the skin and in mucous membranes, especially the digestive tract, mouth and vagina. In small amounts Candida is harmless but when growth increases dramatically within the system, the results can be devastating. The signs of Candida overgrowth are often attributed to other health conditions making it one of the most prevalent yet unrecognized conditions for modern man. Do you have Candida overgrowth in your system? 

What is Candida Albicans Overgrowth?

In a healthy body, the Candida albicans fungus is kept in control by friendly bacteria in our systems but the overuse of medicinal antibiotics and the consumption of antibiotics found in some of the meats we eat have upset the delicate balance in our bodies. By weakening and reducing the number of friendly bacteria, antibiotics allow Candida fungus to flourish; birth control pills and cortisone have also been noted to upset the balance. When an overgrowth of Candida is present in your system, waste is released into the blood stream and effects the nervous and immune systems. A variety of complaints center around a Candida overgrowth including:

  • Food cravings (sweets, alcohol, chocolate)
  • Excessive allergies

    What is Candida albicans? A fungus that is natural in your body but can grow out of control.

    What is Candida albicans? A fungus that is natural in your body, especially in the digestive tract, but can grow out of control.

  • Diaper rash
  • Vaginal infections
  • Depression
  • Food sensitivities
  • Exhaustion
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss
  • Obesity or excessive weight gain
  • Gas and bloating
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • PMS
  • Earaches
  • Numbness in the body

Candida affects physical, mental, and emotional well-being and has been noted to interfere with clear thinking, sometimes making a person irrational though they cannot see this change. As the fungus becomes more prevalent in the body, a person continually craves sweets and carbohydrates, two types of food that act as fuel for the fungus. Once the system is overloaded with Candida albicans, depression or suicidal tendencies may emerge along with immune issues and, if a person seeks medical treatment, misdiagnosis is nearly certain. Antibiotics are generally prescribed for any issues within the system, as well as antidepressants for mood issues, both of which proliferate fungus in the body. Once a round of antibiotics are taken, further friendly bacteria is eliminated from the system and Candida can continue to grow even more freely at this point. The cycle is never-ending–unless a person gets the information they need on how to stop it!

When and How Should I do a Candida Albicans Cleanse?

Take the guess work out of when and how you should do a Candida albicans cleanse with Hanna's Candida Kit!

Take the guess work out of when and how you should do a Candida albicans cleanse with Hanna’s Candida Kit!

If you don’t feel well, crave sweets or carbohydrates, or find yourself experiencing strong addictions to foods or alcohol, chances are you could greatly benefit from cleansing the Candida in your body. (Our favorite and the most effective cleanse we have found is Hanna’s formula from Kroeger Herb, the Candida Kit.) Important changes need to be made to your diet and there are all natural herbal products you can take to remove overgrowth of the fungus from your system but you have to be committed to the changes for the greatest success. Diet changes include an increase in vegetables and lean proteins with a decrease in carbohydrates, sugars, alcoholic beverages, fermented foods, and even fruit and fruit juices since they contain concentrated fructose, a natural fruit sugar. Dairy products should be used in small amounts as well because they contain lactose, a milk sugar. This diet change is not simple and your cravings will continue but try to avoid these foods for as long as possible; your hard work will pay off!

Once you’ve had a few weeks off from sugar and carbohydrates, you will find control in your eating habits begins to return and your thoughts become clearer. Continue to be diligent with your diet, especially avoiding sugar and yeast containing foods, such as bread, for as long as possible during the cleanse to support control of the fungus. Because the cleanse will help to flush your system, it’s important to bring in the friendly bacteria that has been impacted negatively by the Candida overgrowth. Once you are done cleansing, make sure to restore the friendly bacteria in your system by eating yogurt, taking a probiotic, or even with the introduction of a probiotic vegetable blend, added to your food.  Hanna’s Taurin-Dophilus is included in her Candida Kit for for just this purpose.

The benefits of regaining your health and cleansing your system from Candida albicans as Hanna notes in this blog are tremendous and once you’ve experienced the symptoms of overgrowth, you’ll be better prepared to recognize them in the future. Keeping in tune with your body and providing the natural assistance you can is important; take a break from sweets, alcohol, and carbs when you feel the symptoms coming on. Cleansing Candida from your system once a year is a great way to keep your body balanced and is a popular maintenance program that many people follow. Spring and summer are great times to cleanse and not only for Candida! We have several programs including the liver, kidney, parasites, bowel, brain, and more!

Keeping watch over your health and using natural programs and supplements that are trusted and effective is key in combating Candida albicans in your system. We all have Candida but we don’t have to live with the harmful side effects of overgrowth. Take back your health!


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