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Without fungus, yeast, and mold our culinary delights would be void of cheese, bread, and mushrooms. We would have no beer, no healthy fermented vegetables or kombucha….my pantry would never be the same. While fungus plays a happy role in the foods we eat, the impact it can have on our health when it is overgrown in our bodies can be serious and is more prevalent than you may think.

It is estimated that over 90% of the Western population suffers from fungal infections.  There are numerous symptoms including depression, mood swings, food cravings, skin rashes, athlete’s foot, jock itch, diaper rash, cradle cap (in infants), thrush, exhaustion, memory loss, red and raised surfaces around nail cuticles, vaginal itching, yeast infection, ringworm, respiratory issues, asthma, eye, nose, sinus and throat irritation and even tumors.  People most susceptible to fungal infections are those who take antibiotics or steroids frequently, take birth control pills, have poor diets high in sugar and processed foods, people with heavy metal or chemical toxicity, obese people, and those with diseases that compromise the immune system.

Nail-Fungus-Infection1Fungus grows on dead, organic matter and tends to spread rapidly, especially on moist areas of the body. Fungal infections are a result of a depressed or weakened immune system and go hand-in-hand with parasite infections (for more information on parasites see the blog: Cleansing Parasites from Your System). Processed foods and antibiotic use destroy the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract and create room for fungal infection to take over. Birth control pills throw-off the hormone balance and weaken the body’s immune system, furthering the infection. The toxins released into the body from this overgrowth can inflame and/or permeate the intestinal lining causing a leaky gut and compromising the body’s ability to assimilate vitamins and minerals from food.  Many types of fungus and mold can also easily enter the body by inhaling airborne spores, which are common in household and workplace dust creating sinus and lung issues.

“Cases of fungus in lungs are more and more frequent.  Fungus is like a mushroom.  When you cut a batch of mushrooms, 2 days later a new batch is growing a few yards away.  The feelers, the spores, just grow a new batch.  The same holds true with a batch of mushrooms in your system.  We call this metastasis.  What to do to change your chemistry so that fungus will be discourage to grow?  Change your diet.” – Hanna Kroeger, God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Dealing with chronic fungus, mold or yeast infections is frustrating and worrisome considering the medications designed to treat the effects of the infections have much worse side effects than the problem the medication was intended for! Rather than relying on an over- or behind-the-counter medication to address mold or fungus in your system and coping with the side effects it may cause, consider these safe and effective homeopathic and herbal remedies along with a good diet, low in sugar and processed foods.

Total Mold Allergy Relief from total_moldKing Bio Natural Medicine is a homeopathic remedy that provides temporary relief of hypersensitivity, sinus congestion, muscle and joint pain, temporary anxiety and depression, difficulty breathing, skin irritation, fatigue, headaches, and watery eyes. While some of these symptoms fall in line with an allergy to mold, others like anxiety and depression may seem out of place in the list but based on Hanna’s teachings, there is an explanation. Because the friendly bacteria in our system is largely responsible for making serotonin (the “happy” brain chemical), its absence caused by mold and fungus infections is an underlying cause for mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Total Mold provides natural, safe relief from mold allergies and helps you to avoid the dangers of an infection in your system.

K0064_2[1]FNG Care is an Herbal Combination created by Hanna and like so many of her formulations, was a first for dietary supplements. Alfalfa seed, Blessed Thistle, and Goldenseal root are the herbs used in this combination to promote healthy elimination and resistance to opportunistic fungal populations in the digestive tract, lungs, skin and nails. Alfalfa is an internal purifier (skin, blood, liver & gall bladder), antioxidant and is a nourishing food. Blessed Thistle is a bitter tonic for the digestive system and resolves mucus accumulations in the lungs and intestines. Goldenseal is prized for its benefit for digestion and elimination and its effectiveness against microbes. FNG Care cleanses fungus from the system and is often used in conjunction with Blood Toner, another formula from Hanna that maintains the purity of the blood and lymph and supports circulatory health and the eliminatory organs. When using FNG to clear fungus from your body you should avoid yeast and mushrooms as these foods will counteract any progress you have made with the herbs.

Crypto Fungus is a Vibropathic™ remedy that addresses Cryptococcus, a genus of fungus known to cause moderate-to-severe disease, specifically cryptococcosis and meningitis. There are around 37 recognized species of Cryptococcus and each can be addressed with Hanna’s Vibropathic remedy. For many, adding the herbal combinations of Candida Formulas #1 and #2 has proven especially beneficial in cleansing the fungus from the system.

Hanna shared home remedies for addressing fungus and mold in the system in several of her books. Some of our favorites:

  • Cinnamon Cinnamon_CC 150is used for fighting viral and infectious diseases. Virus, bacteria, and fungus cannot live in the presence of cinnamon oil.
  • Fungus grown in alkaline medium. Natural antibiotics are grapefruit, garlic, willow, radish, chlorophyll, and bee pollen.
  • 2 tablespoons asparagus twice daily.
  • 3 glasses Concord grape juice daily (fresh if possible, no added sugar).
  • Other foods and supplements to incorporate into your diet to address fungal infections include alfalfa sprouts, aloe vera gel, chick peas, lentils, colloidal silver, frankincense, garlic, green tea, myrrh, sage, savory, and thyme.

90-88_can_funigusThere are so many types of fungi that can impact our health and Hanna tried to address as many of them as possible with her Vibropathic™ remedies and herbal cleanses. Some of the most popular Vibropathic™ remedies include 90-88, Valley Fever, and Thrush. By far the most common type of fungus people wish to address is Candida albicans and Hanna’s Candida Kit is designed to cleanse the system safely and effectively. For children, pets or more sensitive individuals, Hanna’s Candida albicans Vibropathic is very effective. For more information on candida see the blog: What is Candida Albicans?  When Should I do a Candida Cleanse?

Visit our website to learn more about each of these remedies as well as our learn link for articles, downloads, and access to our directory of practitioners, if you wish to work with one to address your good health.


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  • Janet

    Great help. My Husband suffered for 6 months with a cough that just would not go away. Healers and Doctors from many places could not get any change for him. I thought he was going to die. I remembered an old Hanna product called Foon Goos and looked to see if she still had it. Renamed FNG. In 2 weeks he was back to his old cherry self and is doing great.

    • Sara Beth

      That’s great news, Janet! We’re so happy you remembered one of Hanna’s original formulas & were able to get your husband up and smiling again!

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  • Evie

    I believe using natural remedies to treat skin fungal infection are the best treatment option available. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Melissa

    Which formula would you advise for skin issues caused by gut dysbiosis?

    • Star

      Melissa, this is a tricky question because left long enough, you will probably have candida or some other pathogen make a home in your system. If that is the case, you should probably work with a practitioner to supplement what you are already doing with your doctor and get that cleared up. If that is of interest to you, you can take a look at the practitioner directory on our website: and keep in mind that many of them will do phone consultations if there isn’t one right in your area.

      If you don’t think you have another pathogen to deal with (and maybe even if you do, depending on what kind), you should consider loading up on probiotics. A lot of people think they should take this one or that one, but I actually think you should take as many different ones as possible and alternate between them throughout the day. You want all of those different strains of good bacteria and yes, you should be selective about them, but don’t pick just one and only take that one. You may also want to start eating fermented foods as well. You can make your own Kefir: and cultured vegetables: or get them premade: or in a drink: There are lots of ways to support your inner ecosystem with good probiotics. Thanks for your question.

      • Melissa

        Thanks for the reply. I have been having ferments (sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha) every day for the past 2 years or so and recently added a Biocult probiotic. I do a lot of cinnamon, garlic, alfalfa and others that you talk about. My doctor also has me take Nystatin a few days a month. There is something that we are missing, so I am always searching.

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