The Truth About Aging: Men and Bone Loss

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Pixabay bones white background-2029338_1280Contrary to common belief, the “women’s disease,” osteoporosis, or bone loss, threatens both genders. While 80% of individuals with symptoms of osteoporosis and low bone mass are women, 20%-or 5.6 million- are men. The disease is almost always associated with women, especially women going through menopause. Due to this association, many doctors fail to recognize symptoms of osteoporosis in male patients. Changes in hormonal production as males age can lead to a loss in bone mass, an eventually severe osteoporosis.

The most common cause of male osteoporosis is testosterone deficiency. Men need healthy levels of both testosterone and estrogen to maintain healthy bone mass, and a decline in the production of either hormone could lead to health problems. Hypogonadism refers to low levels of hormones in both genders. While it is often recommended that women suffering from osteoporosis take estrogen supplements to restore bone mass, men may need alternative treatment. Remember to consult your primary healthcare provider with questions regarding your medical needs.

Prevention – fight the loss:

Pixabay running cropped-1275803_1920Exercise: One natural way to ensure that your body builds strong bones is through exercise. Exercise puts the skeletal system to work, demanding your body to invest in its strength. Each time a muscle pulls on a bone, a signal is sent to your body to build more bone mass. Try going for a daily walk or jog, which can help prevent bone loss in the hips.

DHEA: Short for dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands of healthy men. Taken daily, or as directed by a health care professional, DHEA supplements may improve bone mineral density. The supplement may also help fight aging.

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Maca: One herbal approach to restoring hormonal balances is by supplementing with Maca. Maca is an herbal adaptogen that works naturally with the body to enhance energy levels, stamina, and fertility. Its hormone balancing function could be beneficial to testosterone levels and help restore bone mineral density. Many people like supplementing with maca powder because it can be easily incorporated into recipes.

Olympian Labs Diindolymethane (DIM) is a phytochemical that is a natural metabolic compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. Studies suggest DIM supports a healthier balance of testosterone to estrogen. This is done by converting strong and damaging forms of estrogen into weaker forms so it does not destroy your testosterone and your balance of testosterone to estrogen ratio is in check.

Other popular products for supporting testosterone levels are Ultra T-Male, which nutritionally supports healthy, natural testosterone production in men and Testosterone UP RED for boosting testosterone that is already within a normal range and supporting healthy Nitric Oxide conversion in the body, which can increase circulation.

June is Men’s Health Month. In the United States, men have a lower life expectancy than women. Improve your longevity, or the longevity of a loved one, by taking the opportunity to prioritize health, and learn about men’s health issues. Visit Hanna’s Men’s Health section!


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