Easing Back-to-School Anxiety for Children & Teens

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kidsBack-to-school specials on supplies, new tennis shoes, “Meet the Teacher” night, and being reunited with friends you’ve not seen all summer is on the minds of children and teens headed back to the classroom soon.  The excitement of a new school year is buzzing through the air but for some, that excitement translates into anxiety and nervousness in their thoughts and stress in their systems. Have a new kindergartner who is leaving the comforts of daycare?  A new first grader who is switching from a half day of school to a full day? How about a preteen entering middle school or your teenager (begrudgingly) heading to the halls of high school? With change comes anxiety and there’s no doubt that your student(s), no matter how adaptable and excited, are dealing with back-to-school anxiety on some level. Here are some tips and things to look out for to help ease them in to the school year.

Early Transitions

Children who are entering kindergarten or first grade are going through a big transition. All new friends, new place, new teacher, different rules, and sitting in a desk more than playing can be stressful. Before school begins be sure to encourage your child to open up about what they are excited to experience in school and focus on the positive.  Your child will go through some times of being difficult, cranky, and overwhelmed and this is to be expected. If you are interested in natural and herbal products that can ease the transition and the symptoms it may cause, consider these products:

  • Calms Forte 4 Kids is a homeopathic tablet from Hyland’s that temporarily relieves the symptoms of restlessness, kindersleeplessness, night terrors, growing pains, causeless crying, occasional sleeplessness due to travel, and lack of focus. This homeopathic remedy is safe for children as young as 2.
  • Tranquil Child from Oregon’s Wild Harvest can help your new student calm down naturally and get some much needed rest after a busy day or to remedy the impact of a rough experience at school. This tincture is similar to their former Calm Child formula.
  • The Balanced Child Solutions Kit contains three individually sealed flower essence bottles (infusion of Rose “Happy Child”, Black Eyed Susan, “Indian Summer” and Rose “The Fairy”). The purpose of this kit is to assist children to heal and grow spiritually while promoting emotional maturity, expression of unique gifts and self-confidence.
  • Check out the Children’s Book section of the website with a great library of resources.

Middle School Moments

They’re no longer a part of an elementary school where sharing is caring and they aren’t in high school with a great deal of freedom. Know where your students are in middle school? In-between and feeling pretty awkward. I remember these years and while I was lucky enough to have a supportive family and great friends, I felt like a sore thumb sticking way, way out in front of everyone. Were they judging me? Is this shirt cool? Do they like me? Middle school is rough. At this point for your student, problems are becoming more social than academic and anxiety about starting school can become intense. Peer pressure, bullies, acne, hormone changes, and cliques (on top of school work) can make even the coolest pre- or early-teen anxious. Keep communication going, realize that your teen will maybe want their space, and encourage them to be true to themselves… sometimes it’s the best you can do as a parent. Get armed with natural remedies for PMS in teens, acne, and more with this book and try these remedies:

  • Hanna’s emotional vibropathics Fear, Jealousy, Anger, and Grief were created by Hanna to help uphold emotional health. Through relaxation techniques, attention to diet, sufficient rest, and the use of these vibropathic remedies, your teen can get back to feeling like themselves again quickly.
  • Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles are formulated using the Original Bach Flower Remedy and can be used by the whole family, including children and pets. The pastilles are sugar and alcohol free and come in a convenient tin that your student can carry in their bag, just in case a moment to be “rescued” presents itself. Rescue Remedy is also available as a cream, spray, sleep aid, and as a liquid homeopathic.
  • Bach Flower Remedies address a wide range of emotions and we have quite a selection! From Impatiens (for impatience and irritability) to White Chestnut (for unwanted thoughts, preoccupation with some worry or episode, and mental arguments) or Larch (lack of self-confidence, feelings of inferiority or failure), Bach remedies can provide emotional support for your teen. Take a look at our complete selection here.imgres

As your child continues to age and grow, there will be different types of anxiety associated with back-to-school based on what their social groups are doing, how their studies are going, and what sort of extra-curricular activities they can be involved in. Exercise in any form will be beneficial for your child or teen (no matter their grade) and will allow them to express themselves with their peers. A solid schedule during the school week is also helpful as your child or teen will know what to expect, when to plan for social activities, and how to feel in control of certain parts of their day.

Transitions aren’t easy for anyone, especially kids and teens. Have a college student you’re worried about? Take a look at this survival kit. Want more back-to-school tips? Check out how to Tame Back-to-School Stress and let us know what works for your family … and maybe give TNS (Tension) or NRV (Nerve) Tea a try to keep yourself in good shape as well!


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