Hanna’s 10 Commandments for Maintaining Perfect Health

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Taking care of yourself is an important part of taming back-to-school stress.

Embrace Conscious Living Principles Hanna Taught Us Generations Ago!

Hanna believed there is cause in consciousness of the ‘unseen’ and effect is found in circumstances of the ‘seen’. When that effect is in circumstances involving health, you can be sure that your consciousness is causing this, and its root source is negativity. In her book God Helps Those Who Help Themselves she wrote the 10 major areas where you are most likely to find negative thoughts entering your consciousness and gave her powerful insights on how to convert your negativity to positivity so you can create a clear consciousness and benefits of continued health.

As one of the first conscious living visionaries, Hanna taught the power of intuition and healthy living and used her spiritual intuition in some of her homeopathic formulas. As a remarkable woman who helped pave the way to healthy and conscious living, she spent her entire life dedicated to the mission to heal everyone who came across her path. These ‘good health’ living principles are ones that she abided by daily.

Hanna’s 10 Commandments for Maintaining Perfect Health

  • Accept criticism as the other person’s problem not yours
  • Appreciate yourself and reaffirm your self-worth whenever possible
  • Rather than fretting about what you don’t have, appreciate what you do have
  • See the good points and positive aspects in circumstances. Try to see even your problems as happening ‘for the best’
  • Rather than looking backward with sorrow, look forward with joyous expectation
  • Learn from mistakes so that you can convert them into triumphs
  • Insulate yourself from unpleasant surroundings through wholesome detachment
  • Let go of what you no longer need and make the most of what you now attract
  • Grow in courage and self-mastery from every circumstance
  • Be aware of the larger ‘consciousness’ you are part of
Hanna's work consisted of reading energies on a very subtle level. Being an eclectic wonder, she combined her intuitive sense with health and medical information to create a legacy of homeopathic remedies and herbs.

Hanna Kroeger would have been 100 years old on Oct. 5, 2013! Happy Birthday dear Hanna, we love and miss you every day!

Do you have a story or tip that you hold near and dear to your heart from Hanna? Please share it below so we can help her magnetic and inspiring spirit live through our lives! These lessons go beyond the physical and into the unseen world of consciousness. Hanna’s work consisted of reading energies on a very subtle level. Being an eclectic wonder, she combined her intuitive sense with health and medical information to create a legacy of homeopathic remedies and herbs. Hanna lived by the motto: “observe them and enjoy perfect health. Positively.”

We follow Hanna Kroeger’s powerful principle, “help each other” to provide you with products and information to help you achieve optimum health through traditional and alternative therapies. For over 50 years, Hanna’ s Herb Shop has served our customers by providing a trusted haven to learn and share information.

The products we discuss in this blog are special because Hanna’s original recipes use no fillers, binders, flowing agents, or excipients—a rarity in the industry today. Learn more at www.hannasherbshop.com and the Peaceful Meadow retreat in Boulder.


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  • Paula Elofson-Gardine

    I knew Hanna, God bless her. She was a force to be reckoned with, a little dynamo bustling around New Age foods picking up this box of supplements, that herb, and her pendulum wildly swinging around as she checked what the person seeing her needed. Just LOVED her!

    She had a little room in the back of the store that she used as her consultation office. It was filled with herbs of all kinds and a few simple chairs. People would come in, sit and tell Hanna what their problems were. She listened, then would stand up with the person and place one thing after another on their hand, swing her pendulum and muscle test them to make sure it was a good match for what they needed.

    Hanna had the most beautiful blue aura, just incredible. It was a blessing to know her.

    She taught me so much about homeopathy and herbs. Feels like yesterday that we used to go up to see her almost daily.

    Hanna told me to drink lots of Red Raspberry tea for easy labor when I was pregnant with my daughter. Boy did that work! I had a low back ache all day then called the Dr to see if I could take something and they said to come on in. By the time my husband picked me up, I told him don’t stop for any lights! I had her within an hour of being at the hospital. First and only child.

    Blessings and Love to all that knew Hanna Kroeger.

  • Stephanie Milliman

    Hi Paula!
    What a lovely story about the tea and the birth of your sweet daughter! I know Hanna would have liked to have heard about it too…thank you so much for sharing :) I would also like to share it on our Facebook page. ~Blessings to you

    • Paula Elofson-Gardine

      Thank you. Oh, Hanna knew, she got feedback on how well the red raspberry tea worked, as we would go up to see her with our daughter after she was born. We went to see her at Peaceful Meadow Retreat also.

  • Star

    Awesome blog

  • Francoise Mamacita Souverville

    I have a whole chapter about Hanna in my book which I’m about finished with. It is eleven typed pages….don’t think I could post it here?? Is there somewhere else I can share it??

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