Health Benefits of Grapefruit Seed Extract and Oil

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People use oil from the peel, fruit and extracts from grapefruit seed as medicine

A friend of mine swears by the numerous health benefits of having a half of a grapefruit each morning for breakfast. She would carefully cut out the juicy triangles and rave about the many antioxidant properties and powerful vitamin C boost it gave her.

Since I’m not much of a citrus fan, I wanted to find out other benefits available from its juice, pulp, and even extracts of the grapefruit seed for the entire body. Grapefruit isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

Grapefruits were first grown in Barbados in the 18th century and their popularity soon spread worldwide. Grapefruit juice has been a remedy for high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries and the battle for weight loss as well as eating the fruit itself has provided similar benefits. Through interest in alternative wellness and advancements in holistic healing, we’ve found that there’s more to grapefruit than utilizing its fruit and juice. These advancements have taken Hippocrates’ theory of allowing your food to be your medicine and your medicine to be your food to a new level.

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Tiny seed, big possibilities!

Grapefruit Seed Provides Benefits to the Entire Body

Grapefruit seed extract is used at organic farms to prevent mold and bacteria from taking over plants and is used to kill parasites in animal feeds, as well as disinfecting the water that animals drink. For the purpose of human consumption, grapefruit seed extract provides a powerful punch of free radical fighting antioxidants, as well as trace minerals, vitamin C, and natural immune boosters. Grapefruit seed extract is commonly used for intestinal health as it maintains a balance of healthy microorganisms and helps to fight against bacterial infections without upsetting the good bacteria in our gut. Traveling to another country and worried you might come across unwarranted visitors to invade your system? Grapefruit seed extract can help to eliminate these invaders and get you back to good health.

Nature's Way Grapefruit Seed

Grapefruit seed is germ-fighting and possibly disease-preventing

The benefits of grapefruit seed cannot be attained in grapefruit juice, fruit, or oil alone; therefore we recommend adding a supplement to your diet as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Our favorite is Nature’s Way Grapefruit Seed Extract, a standardized concentrate in a vegetarian capsule, standardized to a 12:1 concentrate. Grapefruit Seed contains compounds that provide broad-spectrum intestinal health benefits.

Did You Know Grapefruit Oil Aids in Beautiful, Healthy Skin?

Aside from being a natural and organic fragrance for cosmetics and soaps, grapefruit oil, extracted from the peel of the citrus, has been proven beneficial for muscle fatigue; in encouraging hair growth; to treat acne, psoriasis, oily skin; and other skin complaints simply by applying the oil topically. Choosing an oil that is pure and concentrated such as Aura Cacia or Young Living‘s Therapeutic grade, is a healthy way to attain these benefits. Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, Young Living’s essential oil is very nourishing to the skin and is used in conjunction with weight management programs. Did you know Grapefruit oil can also be used to enhance the flavor of food and water?

For skin irritations, combine several drops of the grapefruit oil with a carrier oil (like almond or jojoba) to the affected area. Applied topically, grapefruit oil is blended with juniper and coconut oils in Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil from Young Living product to combat cellulite on the body. Use this oil along with some of Hanna’s remedies for cellulite and say hello to smooth legs!

Grapefruit extract - Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ grapefruit essential oil (Citrus paradisi)

Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ grapefruit essential oil

We think you’ll love using grapefruit oil as an aromatherapy treatment that can benefit the mind as well as the body. Breathing in these healthful vapors can provide relief from headaches and depression and has even shown some promise in easing complaints that stem from the lungs. Add several drops of grapefruit essential oil to warm water and breathe deeply or add it to a diffuser to spread the scent throughout your home.

From the juice and pulp to the oil on the peel and powerful seed, grapefruit has long been known for its positive impact on the entire body! How will you find a way to incorporate this popular citrus into your healthy life? Tell us your homegrown remedy or something helpful you have experienced using grapefruit in the comments area below.

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