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Schizandra berries are sticky & difficult to get in a capsule but Kroeger doesn't add any flowing agents to the berry!

Schizandra berries are sticky & difficult to get in a capsule but Kroeger doesn’t add any flowing agents to the berry!

Isolated to the far eastern part of the world, the Schizandra berry has gone undiscovered for decades. Nanai hunters (Russian natives) nibbled on small red berries, called “Limonnik” and known as Schizandra in English, to improve their night vision and ward off the effects of hunger and thirst while out on hunting missions. These hunters would trek through eastern Russia for incredible lengths of time relying only on the Schizandra berry for strength. The same small berry was coveted as the “five-flavor berry” in China where it was used in traditional medicine to treat lung, kidney, diarrhea and heart complaints. Only now is the rest of the world sinking their teeth into the Schizandra miracle berry, which should sit on the list of “superfoods”, right next to Acai and Goji berries.

So what exactly is a superfood? It is a food that is high in nutrients and offers several health benefits without negative effects. The sweet morsels are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, and with very low fat content, they can be considered “nature’s daily vitamin.” Acai berries have two times more antioxidants than blueberries, and were eaten by Brazilian natives in the Amazon before being popularized in North America. Goji berries, originally from Tibet, are the richest known food source of carotenoids. Goji berries were originally only grown in sheltered, secluded valleys. Only recently “uncovered” by popular culture, the third berry of this trifecta may be the most potent of all. As small as it is, the Schizandra berry packs a punch of nutritional benefits and may be bounds ahead of either the Acai or the Goji. An adaptogen, Schizandra, belongs to a special group of plants that helps your body find a healthy state of homeostasis by aiding your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands play an important role in many functions of the body. Schizandra helps harmonize your adrenal hormones, and in turn aids a large variety of symptoms.

Schizandra and Your Mind
Mildly sedative, a small dose of Schizandra will help calm the nerves and relax the body. It also kicks your mind into gear, improving memory and preventing fatigue. Schizandra will help ease your stress, and has been shown to help with depression. The berry even helps combat aging, and may prevent eyesight loss, Alzheimer’s, and other degeneration. Its anti-aging properties are the number one reason why Dr. Oz called the berry a miracle!

CardiovascularSupplement Your Cardiovascular System
Schizandra has the potential to boost your cardiovascular system in several ways. Taken for asthma complaints, the berry is beneficial to the lungs, and may help you breathe more easily. It will also keep your blood in check, and help maintain health levels of blood sugar, good blood pressure, and will lower cholesterol. The berry has even been shown to ease coughing. Individuals that take Schizandra may find their endurance levels increase, too.

Love Your Liver
Schizandra has been shown to benefit liver health, an uncommon trait in the world of supplements. It has been used for treating liver disease (hepatitis) and is even the main component in a leading liver-protecting drug in China. How does it work? Schizandra stimulates the production of enzymes in the liver, and promote liver cell growth. These enzymes promote biochemical reaction in the body that are needed in the processing of food, nutrients, and toxins.

Dr. Oz calls Schizandra a fountain or youth... see why!Powerful enough to fuel ancient Russian hunting treks, the Nanai Hunters coveted this wonder berry for its ability to stave off their hunger and thirst for extended periods of time. However, in the modern world we can see that the berry was truly aiding them in a lot of other ways, too. Hanna’s Herb Shop carries a Complete Concentrate of Schizandra, a modern way to get all the benefits of this ancient berry.

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  • Frank

    I tried your brand of Schizandra to tone low adrenal function….however after taking 1 capsule, I noticed heart palpitations…is this herb too strong for my weak adrenals and if so, do you have a more approriate herb?

    • Stephanie Milliman

      Hi there! Please remember that adaptogens as with any herbal product, benefits won’t be seen over night so approach their use with caution, consistency and patience. The power in adaptogens is that you are supporting your entire body with the use of one herb – assisting your system in adapting to the changes in environment, mood, immune system, and so on.

      If you are experiencing side effects, seek your physician’s advice! We are not practitioners and cannot give advice. Rhodiola is an alternative adaptogen you might consider.

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