Mushrooms as a Natural Remedy?

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With the onset of cold and flu season, we encourage you to ready your system for attack with natural herbs like echinacea, olive leaf and mushrooms! Yes, mushrooms can be a natural remedy to many ailments. Traditionally there is a rise in the use of Vitamin-C in most American’s diets once the weather turns cold and the sniffles turn on. While the benefits of Vitamin-C are amazing year round, many consumers may believe the benefits to be heightened in winter due to the onset of cold and flu season. Vitamin-C is an excellent addition to your attack on unwanted coughs and sneezes but aside from the orange juice, soup and plenty of liquids recommendation…  did you ever consider Olive leaf? Echinacea? Or even …Mushrooms?

Yes, mushrooms…but more on that later.

Olive Leaf: a Natural Remedy 

olive leaves

Olive leaf extracts have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Did you know that the olive tree has an impressive longevity history? Many are recorded to have lived longer than 1,000 years due to their high anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Because of these properties, olive trees are able to ward off environmental threats and maintain healthy function. The introduction of olive leaf  into your diet and herb supplement routine is an excellent choice in preparing for the cold and flu season as well as when you are already under the weather.  A study discussed in Natural Products magazine found that olive leaf, taken in the midst of a fight with a virus or nasty bacteria, could help cut the duration of illness when taken in a larger dose. Already worried about the cold and flu around your home?  Take a cue from the olive tree; prepare now for the upcoming attacks on your immune system and incorporate Kroeger Herb’s Olive Leaf Combination into your diet and help your body ward off the meanies.

Echinacea as a Natural Cold Remedy

Echinacea tincture

Echinacea is a natural remedy for sickness.

Aside from the amazing qualities of olive leaf to share, we would also like to familiarize you with echinacea, “an immune stimulant and natural anti-bacterial agent.”  Natural Products magazine shares the recent research findings of the Society for Medicinal Plant Research in Austria (August 2010 publication) and the promise echinacea shows as being a treatment for the common cold with virtually no side effects. Never mind that syrupy goop filled with chemicals you chose to put in your system last cold season; choosing a natural path to wellness is beneficial for both the mind and body. Why would you run the risk of being drowsy all day with an over-the-counter temporary fix when the path to holistic healing is so broad? Consider an echinacea tincture to add to your regime of health improvement and go ahead and recycle that sticky dosage cup.

While some people claim that the benefits of echinacea are greatly lessened if you are already sick, it’s my belief that taking any natural remedy that will boost your body’s immune system is beneficial during the cough and cold season!


basket of mushrooms

Mushrooms as a natural remedy? You bet!

And now, drumroll….mushrooms to help fight a cold and flu? You bet! They have been known to help fight cold and flu assumptions, too. While there is a wealth of research that drives the demand for medicinal mushrooms, it is difficult to translate this research to the general public and thus, consumers of products containing medicinal mushrooms for the purpose of boosting their immune systems.

Whether you choose to add mushrooms to soups, stir-fry, sauces or as freeze-dried filled capsules, it is important to remember that mushrooms are not just a simple botanical.  What we would like to share with you is this recipe from for a delicious mushroom soup to help feed your immune system and help you fight off infection. According to Natural Products magazine, “mushrooms secrete compounds that have potent antimicrobial properties” and allow your body to attack bacteria and viruses more successfully than without. Reishi, shiitake and maitake mushrooms are the types most commonly associated with medicinal treatments and their use as such can be traced back thousands of years to China where they were referred to as the “Medicine of Kings.”  See, mom was right, you must remember to eat your veggies!

While the list of homeopathic treatments goes on and on, we hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself with the benefits of choosing natural remedies for the everyday ailment rather than an over-the-counter or prescription drug. And, for a handy guide to natural remedies, consider adding one of our favorite books to your library, Ageless Remedies from Mother’s Kitchen, you can purchase a copy here – it makes a great gift and serves as an excellent resource in any home.

For more information on Hanna’s own remedies from everything covering acne to constipation, or colds, take a moment to read this handy check out our home remedies post.


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