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Hanna-FlowersIf you google “master” you’ll find a definition that suits Hanna: A skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity. Master suits Hanna for her specialty in performing hands-on therapy, consulting with hundreds of people at New Age Foods in downtown Boulder, CO and for the creation of her master formula, CircuFlow. Through success with the individual ingredients of CircuFlow for addressing heart issues, Hanna saw the benefit that could come from encapsulating them in order to make it more available to everyone who wanted to keep their heart healthy. Though heart disease has been on the minds of Americans since that time, the concern grows with each passing year as the number of deaths due to heart disease continue to climb. Right now 1 in 4 deaths in America is a result of heart disease but there’s hope!  Check out how these 7 ingredients make up a Master Formula that is celebrated worldwide for heart health and consider what CircuFlow can do for you. 

The main ingredient in CircuFlow is Hawthorn Berry and for good reason. With a lasting popularity in Europe, Hawthorn is an ingredient in 213 commercial herbal formulas that have been created to address cardiovascular ailments and good heart health in general. In fact, Hawthorn is a prescribed herb in Europe to prevent cardiovascular disease or to alleviate the symptoms of mild to moderate heart problems by thousands of doctors. Hanna was aware of the healthy and healing properties of Hawthorn and chose this herb for CircuFlow for a number of reasons. Hawthorn dilates the arteries that supply the heart with blood and improves the presence of oxygen within it and with continued use, a stronger and more efficient heart beat results. As a heart healthy antioxidant, hawthorn protects against the effects of oxygen deprivation in the heart which can result in heart ailments like atherosclerosis.  With no unpleasant side effects and no cumulative effects, Hawthorn continues to gain popularity worldwide as it helps to steady irregular heartbeats, improves heart health, and prevents Circu Flow®cardiovascular illnesses while not leading to dependence.

Horsetail has a long history of traditional folk herbal use for its ability to strengthen connective tissues in the body and relieve water retention and its a unique herb because of its ability to absorb healing minerals from the earth and supply them to our bodies. Manganese, calcium, iron, tannins, alkaloids, fatty acids, and silica are only a sample of the minerals and nutrients Horsetail is able to absorb from the soil. Because of its silica content, Horsetail can repair tissues in the body that are not in proper condition, including the flexible arterial walls of the heart which play an important role in the prevention of heart conditions. As we age, the level of silica in our bodies decreases and our need increases so incorporating it into your day through supplementation may be necessary to ensure your heart remains healthy.

Chromium Picolinate is an integral ingredient in CircuFlow for its heart healthy benefits. Regular intake as a health supplement can reduce the risk of heart disease, protect cells from damage, and can ward off infections. Chromium deficiency, it is believed, can can be a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. While Chromium is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust and seawater most of us are unaware of the heart healthy benefits it can provide!

Selenium, like Chromium, is an ingredient that most of us would never consider as a part of a healthy heart but Hanna incorporated it into CircuFlow for good reason. Selenium helps to prevent platelets from clustering, reduces inflammation, and helps to prevent the oxidative changes of lipids. Because of this Selenium can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease while increasing (good) HDL cholesterol and lowering (bad) LDL cholesterol. Low levels of selenium in the body can result in the muscles of the heart deteriorating due to oxidative effects that contribute to cardiomyopathy and, according to Men’s Health Magazine, people with heart disease more often than not have low levels of selenium.

Vitamin C is useful for the entire body, including the heart! Vitamin C is linked to reduced levels of lipoprotein (high levels of lipoprotein can cause  stroke) and has shown promise in helping to prevent high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. Want more great reasons Hanna incorporated Vitamin C into her Master Formula? Vitamin C lowers blood cholesterol levels, repairs damaged artery walls, prevents cholesterol from being deposited into artery walls, sweep free radicals from the heart, and improves (good) HDL cholesterol. Pretty amazing, right? Vitamin C is actually needed by our bodies year round, not just during cold and flu season, to form muscles and keep them functioning properly, and is a key in preventing atherosclerosis and other aspects of cardiovascular disease. Maybe you’re aware of the dangers of plaque build-up and how it can lead to heart attack or stroke, researchers are investigating this and how the early stages of atherosclerosis can be reversed by increasing levels of Vitamin C in the body.

Taurine isn’t well known but this organic amino acid is necessary for proper function of muscles, including the heart. Hanna added this acid to the formula in order to gain the benefits for the heart and cardiovascular system as a whole. Because Taurine functions in electrically active tissues (like the heart) it can help to stabilize cell membranes and keep this muscle functioning properly. Taurine’s use in preventing abnormal heart beat is well-documented and studies reveal it is capable of lowering blood pressure because of its support to the contractions of the heart. Those with congestive heart failure may benefit most from incorporating Taurine into their wellness program as a Japanese study found it can decrease shortness of breath, stabilize abnormal heartbeat, and prevent build-up.

Arginine, like Taurine, is an amino acid and it changes into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a powerful neurotransmiter that helps blood vessels to relax and so improves circulation. Some studies suggest that Arginine may help improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart, improve symptoms of clogged arteries and chest pain, lower blood pressure, and fight against coronary artery disease.

These seven ingredients were chosen by Hanna to create a product that has proven beneficial to people around the world. The perfect balance of the formula and the ideal proportions of the ingredients are what has made this product a best-seller since it was created in 1984! We’ve had so many people thank us for providing this product to them and for helping them to achieve cardiovascular health. Take a look at this testimonial of CircuFlow outlining the power of the formula that one man experienced when after 20 years of heart trouble he was able to find healing. Check out this video for more information on CircuFlow and these posts with more information on how CircuFlow can help you. Heart Health Month may be on everyone’s mind in February but the reality is that heart disease and cardiovascular issues are a concern for many year-round. Hanna recommended that adults could benefit from using CircuFlow for one month each year (one bottle is a month supply) though many people find that taking CircuFlow daily, year-round, is the best way to maintain heart health, prevent further damage to their cardiovascular system, or reverse the damage already present. How will CircuFlow help you?


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  • Steven Csargo

    I have been using Circuflow for over a year and a half…had a total blockage in my right leg artery…after using this product, the arteries grew down and increased blood flow to my lower leg and foot…vericose veins went away also…amazing results! Still use it today

    • Sara Beth

      Thank you for sharing, Steven! We are so happy that Circu Flow has had such a positive impact on your health and are happy that you are still using Hanna’s Master Formula today. Great health and blessings to you!

  • Tracy A Hodges

    Will this help calcification Ina bicuspid aortic valve? And normal plaque buildup?

    • Star

      Hi Tracy,
      CircuFlow is designed to keep the whole circulatory system healthy. I can’t say for sure that it will help with your specific concern, but it is certainly what I would try!

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