A-Z of Healthy Skin : Our Top Picks for Products and Remedies!

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woman enjoying early springFluctuations in temperature and moisture have you wondering if it’s winter or if we really are heading into summer? Imagine how confused your skin is feeling! Winter is a thief of moisture and often we do not fully heal our skin before welcoming the sun and wind of spring and summer. What can you do? Plenty. Check out our A-Z for improving the look and feel of your skin not only naturally but easily too! Hello, gorgeous!

Vitamin A: Cries from your skin for Vitamin A can range from acne to rough spots or even raised bumps on your back and arms. Want clear and healthy skin that glows? Check your Vitamin A intake and be sure to supplement your diet with trusted products like this one from Nature’s Way.

Vitamin B: Soft and glowing summer skin that looks younger could be with the help of Vitamin B! Deficiencies in this vitamin lead to more pronounced wrinkles, graying skin, acne, rashes and loss of hair! Anti-Fatigue is our pick for Vitamin B supplementation as it not only reveals healthy and beautiful skin but also boosts energy levels by naturally supporting your adrenal glands.

Red grapefruit is high in vitamin cVitamin C: Boost your immune system, benefit heart function and fight free radicals with Vitamin C! Relating this vitamin to cold and flu season only would mean you’re missing out on slowing the process of aging, protecting collagen in your skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin D: According to Natural Solutions Magazine, if you live north of Atlanta, GA then your skin isn’t getting proper doses of Vitamin D during the winter months and supplementation could be necessary, even as the weather warms, to make up for deficiencies. Adequate amounts of Vitamin D in our systems keeps our skin healthy and clear and can also assist with the sleepiness and sadness that can accompany those last few weeks before spring comes!

Vitamin E: Oral supplementation of Vitamin E keeps your skin supple and glowing year round! As temperatures begin to rise, the needs of your skin change and lotions rich in Vitamin E oil properly hydrate your thirsty skin and can heal the cracks and chapped areas from cooler months.

Keep in mind that Vitamins A, B, D and E are fat soluble and are stored in the body until they are needed and do not need to be consumed each day. Vitamin C on the other hand is water soluble and should be consumed daily and, in the case of boosting your immune system, multiple times a day!

F: Fennel is not only a delicious part of gardening in the spring and summer! Drinking fennel tea can flush toxins from your system, keeping your skin clear and smooth. Add two teaspoons fennel seed to a mug of boiling water and allow to steep for 3 minutes before drinking.

fresh spinachG: Get Your Greens! Whether its watercress, spinach, kale, romaine or collards, the greens of the garden are a good source of fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants to fight free radicals, keep your digestive system clear so toxins can be properly eliminated and support acne-free skin with fewer wrinkles!

H: Hydration is among the most important things you can do for your entire body, not just your skin. One of our bodies cries for water is dry or scaly skin, acne or rashes. Be sure you are properly hydrating throughout the day and look out for signs of your body’s needs with this book.

I: Improve. Start small and build your way up to make your current practices for healthy skin even stronger. Apply sunscreen often but not daily last summer? Strive to be better this year. Didn’t hydrate properly? Used products that weren’t natural and wish you would have? Make a change.

J: Jojoba Oil is a go-to for all seasons but especially where dry or scaly skin is concerned. Use it as a moisturizer for your entire body, from heels to a scaly scalp! Wild Sage has two great products that we love to nourish skin and hair. Soften wrinkles and moisturize the delicate skin under your eyes with Jojoba Eye Cream and turn dry hair into beautiful locks with Rosemary Jojoba Hair Oil (psst! It fights dandruff too!).

Vitamin K can help to reduce bags, discoloration or darkness under your eyes by improving circulation in the body.

L: Lip care shouldn’t be overlooked where healthy skin is concerned! Get gorgeous, flush lips with a gentle scrub using an old toothbrush with coconut oil and choose lip balms with natural peppermint like Burt’s Bees.

M: Micro-exfoliating can help to clear dry, scaly skin and bring out a natural glow to anyone’s skin! Choose a creamy cleanser that is made of natural ingredients and add baking soda (aluminum-free), a little at a time, mixing it in as you go.  Keep doing this until you have a nice paste you can use as a scrub.  This is an esthetician’s secret for gentle, natural exfoliation, like your skin has been buffed!  For deeper exfoliation, make sure to choose a product with healthy ingredients and avoid frequent use or rough sloughing as you can cause harm to the surface of your skin. “Less is more” is the way to go for deep exfoliation. For more frequent use, try the micro-exfoliating 2-3 times a week.

Ultimate Omega Stock Photo CroppedNourish your skin with healthy fats like Omega 3s to maintain the natural oils in the skin. What you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on the outside of your body so if dry skin is an issue for you look beyond creams and topical oils and get the healthy oils inside!

Oh, speaking of oil: Choose a natural moisturizer when your skin is at its driest that is a powerhouse to lock in moisture. We like grapeseed, applied just after a shower or bath to lock in moisture, ease itchiness and heal chapped and red skin.

P: Protect your skin from the sun by choosing natural SPF products with strong coverage. Think they are expensive or hard to find? We’ve got your covered with our newest addition to our skincare line, Taspen’s!

Quit smoking: Not only will you add years to your life but you’ll also save thousands of dollars, improve the look and feel of your skin, reduce wrinkles and cut down on noticeable spots on your skin’s surface. Do your body a favor and quit it.  You can do it!

R: Regularity is the key to everything here. Apply sunscreen, moisturize, hydrate, eat healthy foods and mind your vitamin intake to benefit your skin quickly and effectively.

S is obviously for skin and we are all about using products that are all-natural and all-wonderful. We recently picked up a skincare line from Acure and couldn’t be more pleased with how well this line works. It is affordable and has a formula for everyone. Sensitive skin? No problem. Oily? They’ve got you covered. Check out their entire line.

T is for tomato, often the star of warm weather gardens. Fresh from your back yard or the grocer, this little skin aid is rich in Vitamin C and improves circulation throughout the body for the improved appearance of skin.

field of lavenderU: Undo the stress of the day in the most effective way for you and you’ll be surprised to see that it will show up on your face! Meditate, have a cup of tea, chat with a friend or try an essential oil aimed at bringing calm into your life like lavender. Stress can cause a number of issues, including pre-mature aging, take a look at these 5 easy steps to manage it.

V: Vitamins! We purposefully gave several vitamins their own slot instead of waiting until the end! Keep your body healthy and happy with proper supplementation. Check out our Vitamins and Minerals section.

We’re wild about wild caught fish to ensure we are eating omega 3s and other healthy fats for healthy skin while avoiding the un-natural and often harmful additions in farm raised fish. Keep your eye on labels when purchasing fish and buy wild caught.

X: It’s not much of a stretch but X here stands for exam. Have a funky spot you don’t remember ever seeing? Not sure if that mole has changed shape? Feel like there’s something a little off? Go have it checked out. Fretting over an issue will do more harm than good to your health and early detection is often the best medicine there is.

Y: Yawning is an indication that it’s time to hit the hay and get proper shut eye. Our skin repairs itself while we sleep and if you’re missing out on proper rest, your skin is too! Difficulty getting adequate sleep can be assisted naturally. Check out our Mind, Mood and Sleep section for great products that are non-habit forming.

Z: Zinc assists in proper structure of proteins and cell membranes, improves wound healing, has anti-inflammatory effects and protects against UV radiation. While you may be trying to ingest zinc through your diet, supplementation is often necessary to ensure adequate amounts and these benefits.

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