Hanna’s Remedies for Fungus and Fungal Infections

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Did you know your body is covered in tiny fungal ecosystems? True and completely normal and natural though that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bit creepy. The presence of fungus in and on the body is kept in check through our body’s healthy antibodies and bacteria though sometimes the balance is tipped towards the fungus and an infection can result. You’re probably aware of the usual suspects: Athlete’s foot, jock itch, yeast infections, or diaper rash and cradle cap but what about the maladies that result from fungus overstaying its welcome and overtaking our healthy bodies? Keeping fungus in check and ridding our systems of the toxins resulting from fungus is a topic Hanna discussed extensively and while that image to the left looks lovely, it’s actually fungus that lives on our skin and nails… read on for Hanna’s tips and remedies!

Hanna believed that 90% of the Western population suffers from fungal infections and that the most susceptible to infection are those who are obese, frequently take antibiotics or birth control, people with diabetes, or those with Epstein-Barr or HIV. Fungus spreads rapidly, especially on moist areas of the body and when processed foods or antibiotics are ingested frequently. Because fungus is present on each and every one of our bodies, no matter how healthy we are, looking after our systems internally to avoid infection and the spread of fungus is important. Hanna truly believed in the power of healing our bodies naturally, especially through the foods we eat and shared these remedies:

Hanna’s Food Remedies for Fungus:

  • Drink 3 glasses of Concord grape juice daily
  • Eat 2 tablespoons asparagus twice daily
  • Drink cinnamon tea each morning and evening (add 1 teaspoon freshly ground cinnamon to a mug of hot water, sweeten with honey if desired)
  • Add plenty of alfalfa sprouts, chickpeas and sage to your diet
  • Drink aloe vera juice
  • Clear fungus using Hanna’s interferon recipe (Each morning eat 1 pint cottage cheese with 5 tablespoons of walnut, apricot or almond oil. Continue for 3 weeks)
  • Eat Hanna’s natural antibiotic foods: grapefruit, garlic, willow, radish, chlorophyll and bee pollen

Eating these foods will help to keep fungus levels in check in your system but if you’re already experiencing the symptoms of a fungal infection, there are additional (but still natural!) measures you can take. Once a fungal infection occurs in our systems there is a great chance that it will return several times throughout the year if it is not addressed properly. Yeast infections, for example, impacts the comfort of at least 75 million women worldwide annually according to The Fungal Research Trust. What’s worse? Of those women, nearly 10% will experience up to 4 repeated infections within the year. Struggle to keep itchy athlete’s foot at bay? It’s estimated that 1 in 5 people have it and considering it spreads person-to-person through contact with an area infected with the fungus (think shower stalls), that number isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re presently struggling with a fungal infection or have in the past, Hanna created several herbal products that can cleanse the system of fungus and rid your body of the toxins fungus produces.

Hanna’s Fungal Infection Remedies:

This list is compiled from Hanna’s book, Help One Another, and is only a sample of the items she recommended to take internally for fungal infection. Fungus that is taking hold in the system can lead to a number of illnesses that are often misdiagnosed for other illnesses which means that the overgrowth is allowed to continue and the condition can become much worse before it becomes better. Some indications of a possible fungal infection (other than the certain presence of conditions like a yeast infection or athlete’s foot that you can see/feel) include skin trouble resulting in acne or dull skin and stomach or digestive issues. Because of the toxins that a fungal infection creates in our systems, our intestinal lining can become inflamed or permeated causing leaky gut, a painful and wounded digestive system that can cause irritable bowel, constipation, or impact the proper absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat. Learn more about leaky gut here.

Cinnamon[1]A common complaint of fungal overgrowth on the body is the presence of a dry, itchy, red rash. With winter approaching it will be easy to assume the change in temperature is the culprit but don’t discount the possibility of fungus! For fungus on the skin Hanna believed in applying diluted cinnamon oil directly to the area several times a day until it disappears. Good choices for oils to dilute the cinnamon oil with are almond, jojoba or grapeseed. Fungus cannot live in the presence of cinnamon. Check out the plethora of other benefits of cinnamon oil here.

Whether its the presence of Candida in the system, a recurring yeast infection, itchy athlete’s foot or a rash that just won’t stop, assessing the presence of fungus in your system and clearing it from the body with Hanna’s remedies is a natural and safe remedy for good health. Want to learn more about Hanna’s remedies? Take a look at them here.


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