New Adaptogens: Eleuthero and Goji Berry!

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Goji & Eleuthro Complete Concentrates®

Generally all adaptogens increase resistance to stress and are known to do so with no negative side effects. They help us ‘adapt’ to life.

Eleuthero and Goji Berry are both gaining much popularity for their many health benefits.  They are both considered adaptogens, having a normalizing and positive effect on all the systems of the body.  Generally all adaptogens increase resistance to stress and are known to do so with no negative side effects.  They help us ‘adapt’ to life.  They help to protect and balance the body while improving its many functions, all without overstimulation.

The body is strongest when all elements are harmonious.  Mental and emotional health plays a big part in the physical health of the body.  adaptogen herbs help establish harmony within mind, body and spirit and really support all aspects of health!

Some adaptogens have been used for thousands of years.   Take a look at these two amazing herbs and learn how they can help you achieve a new level of health and happiness!

Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng)

Eleutherococcus senticosus, often shortened to Eleuthero and sometimes referred to as Siberian ginseng, is not actually ginseng.  It is in the same family, but not genus, as true ginseng. Eleuthero is similar to common ginseng in its properties and effects.  One of the main differences is the active compounds in Eleuthero are eleutherosides, not ginsenosides.  The root of the plant is the medicinal part.  It is one of the most common adaptogenic herbs in use today and those who use it can experience widespread health benefits.

Some benefits of Eleuthero are:

•Acts as a nervine to improve the quality of sleep.  It can help with sleep deprivation and jet lag.

•Has a toning and calming effect on the body and is used in conditions for which ginseng would be considered too stimulating.

•May help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

•Works toward strengthening the immune system which can reduce the incidence of colds.

•Increases energy, endurance and stamina as well as speeds recovery from athletic exertion.

•Improves alertness, mental clarity and cognitive function when under stress and may improve work productivity.

•Can be helpful for depression.

•Helps the body recover from many kinds of stressful situations including increased work load, noise, heat, exercise and radiation exposure.

Eleuthero Leaves

Eleuthero is a wonder herb for stress, ADHD, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Eleuthero is rapidly gainly popularity in today’s market.  It is considered an adaptogen and combines well with other adaptogenic herbs (such as Ashwagandha).  Eleuthero restores overstressed adrenal glands which can be very helpful for people who are chronically stressed.  Eleuthero is a wonder herb for stress, ADHD, and chronic fatigue syndrome.  It exhibits cardiovascular as well as mood and energy enhancing effects.  It promotes general well-being in the body, while supporting resistance to stress.

Eleuthero is said to improve the balance of neurotransmitters including serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine in the brain.

It is known to be a gentle rejuvenating herb and is a preferable alternative to those who have jittery or nervous effects with Panax Ginseng. It is a common ingredient mentioned in many old Chinese herbal medicine books. The use of the herb in Chinese records dates back to around 2,000 years ago. The use of Eleuthero was also recorded in ancient Russia.  Support the immune system and bring vitality and balance back to the body with Eleuthero!


Goji Berry

We are all familiar with the blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and the strawberry, but not everyone has heard of the Goji Berry. Simply put, the Goji Berry is one of the most nutritious fruits on the earth. It packs an impressive health punch, making it an increasingly more popular item in today’s western diet.

Goji Berry, commonly known as Lycii berry or Wolf Berry, is the fruit of the Lycium plant.  Lycium shares the same plant family (Solanaceae) as potato, tomato, eggplant, nightshade, pepper and tobacco.  It is native to China and has been known to be around for about 6,000 years!  It is a very common herb in Chinese Medicine.

Goji Berry is used as a food and is generally considered very safe and nontoxic.  It is said to have the highest amount of nutrients and antioxidants than any other food source on the planet!  It contains many nutrients and phytochemicals, including essential and trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, phytosterols and antioxidants.  Some studies have even shown that the Goji Berry has more vitamin C per volume than the average orange, and more beta-carotene than carrots.  The dried fruit can be eaten like raisins, cooked with rice, made into a tea or soup or taken in supplement form.  It truly is a super food!

Ancient Chinese medical texts list Goji Berry as a powerful anti-aging and health promoting compound. Today, it is used medicinally for a number of health reasons:

•Commonly used as an anti-aging remedy, due to the many nutrients it contains.

•Has a positive effect on the immune system and helps with the prevention of free radical damage.

•Helps strengthen the body’s natural defense systems.

•Has been found to promote proper cell growth and the antioxidants in it are very powerful in disease prevention.

•Has been shown to enhance the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy while protecting the body from decreased white blood cell counts.

Goji Berries on Twig

Goji Berries are said to have the highest amount of nutrients and antioxidants than any other food source on the planet!

Goji Berry is considered a tonic herb.  It is a nice complement to many other adaptogens because of its nourishing and tonic properties.  It helps to improve the body as a whole, instead of just helping to improve any one particular area.  Goji nourishes and tonifies the kidneys, liver, eyes and blood.  It has hepatoprotective activity, meaning it helps regenerate liver cells and protects against liver damage.  It helps to moisten the lungs making it very useful in chronic cough conditions. It can help lower glucose levels and also cholesterol levels in some people.

Goji Berry has been found to help increase fertility in women and help improve sexual function in men.  One reason for this is that it improves circulation throughout the body.  It has a supportive effect towards reducing stress in the body and may help increase energy and stamina.  Overall, those who enjoy Goji Berry may experience a brighter outlook on life!

In conclusion, people have benefited from Eleuthero and Goji Berry for thousands of years.  Their recent gain in popularity in this country will continue those benefits for thousands of years yet to come.

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  • Eleuthero

    Does this supplement make anyone aggressive or irritable? I hope it’s not the ele root but I been feeling a bit more combative lately. A shame because the visual improvements when watching tv shows (especially during first few hours) are pleasant. Maybe it’s causing a die off reaction or lowering bs? I don’t know.

    • Star

      Typically Eleuthero is calming and used by people who find Ginseng gives them a jittery effect, so this would be unusual. It does give people a boost and is used by athletes so it may be that you are sensitive to supplements that increase energy and starting with a lower dose would be a good way to start taking it.

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