Reasons to Love Fermented Foods!!

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Whether it is the French dining on cheese and wine or the Japanese enjoying miso and pickles, it is no surprise that most cultures consume some form of fermented foods in their daily diet. Unfortunately, in our Western society fermented foods have fallen out of our daily routine and are disappearing from our diets altogether.


The act of fermenting foods dates back to the beginning of civilization, and was mainly used as a way to preserve foods or make alcoholic mixtures, like beer, cider or mead. The most ancient form of fermentation known is mead, a drink that is created from the process of fermenting honey.

Not only is the act of fermentation been used by cultures for centuries, fermenting foods supports numerous functions of the body. Fermentation makes new nutrients by breaking down (predigesting) the particles in food, preserves and assures optimal bioavailability of the nutrients, removes toxins, and some fermented foods even act as antioxidants. They contain probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that aid with digestion, improve bowel movements and increase immunity. Since the probiotics from fermented foods balance the bacteria in the digestive system, all the nutrients from the food you eat are better absorbed. In the end, better absorption will allow you to need to take less supplements and vitamins, and your digestive system will be healthier.

Joint health, digestive health, detoxification, immune health, enzyme regulation, acid/alkaline balance, reduction of inflammation and antioxidant support are some of the few things that optimal absorption of nutrients, caused by digesting fermented foods helps. Overall, everyone can benefit from adding fermented foods into their daily routine.

Here at Hanna’s we have a number of products in the field of fermentation, but the one we are most excited about is our newest product, Regulat. Most fermented foods go through the fermentation process once, while Regulat is fermented five times with several strains of lactic acid bacteria and made with organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs, a process called cascade fermentation. Cascade fermentation is considered the superior fermentation process and is based on the functions within the human digestive system and ensures that the essence of the plant is extracted. Regulat supports the immune system by repairing the cellular environment of the mitochondria, which are responsible for producing ATP (energy) production.  It increases interleukin 10, which will regulate and modulate the immune system, calm down over-active immune systems (auto-immune) and encourages homeostasis which decreases allergies. It contains over 500 polyphenols (anti-oxidants) and increases inter-cellular glutathione!  It is used for balancing blood sugar, weight loss and arteriosclerosis, as well as issues with parasites, heavy metals and bacteria.  It improves the body’s innate capacity to deal with foreign invaders and improves and increases natural killer cell function!

shutterstock_252213487 Cultured Red Cabbage on AvocadoSome other fermentation focused products we carry at Hannas:

1. Culture Starter– ferments vegetables and cream into delicious-tasting probiotic foods in a few days. Cultured vegetables help build resistance to infections, while improving digestion and acting as a blood cleanser.

2. Fermented Cod Liver Oil- the fermentation of the cod liver is a natural process that breaks down the cell walls of the cod liver so the oil is more available, mimicking the process that occurs during digestion. Many believe fermented fish is a sacred food which will ensure a strong mind, body, and spirit.

3. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic– contains not only probiotics (12 probiotic strains), but also contains fermented vegetables and mushrooms that nourish those probiotics. This formula is based on traditional Asian fermentation processes, which takes up to three years. There are many benefits to this probiotic, including relief from gas and heartburn, healthy intestinal pH and digestion, increased absorption of nutrients, and a healthy immune system.

4. Kefir Starter– kefir is an ancient fermented food and is known for its anti-aging and immune building qualities. There are many benefits to consuming Kefir, including improved digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Many consume Kefir after being prescribed anti-biotics to help rebuild the beneficial flora.

5. Fermenting Crock Pot– a ceramic pot specific for fermenting most vegetables, including cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, carrots, and more. This pot makes the process of fermenting vegetables easier!  Use with the Culture Starter to make great tasting sour kraut or other cultured vegetables.

6. Wild Fermentation Book– a book that explores the history of fermented foods and contains nearly 100 recipes for fermented and live- cultured foods such as vegetable krauts, kimchis, miso, tempeh, yogurt, cheeses, sourdough breads, pancakes, plus beers, wines and meads.

In conclusion, we all need to give our bodies the tools to function properly by adding fermented foods back into our daily routine!


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  • Paula Polcini

    Thank you for carrying on Hanna’s work. I took classes from Hanna every summer from 1980 to the time of her death. I have a chapter in my book – PM – Man’s Journey From Darkness to Light – with the title Reverend Hanna Kroeger to tell of my experience with Hanna’s teachings.

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