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New Dimensions® Tinctures: Cat's Claw, Dong Quai and Hawthorn Berry.We have added 3 new products to our herbal line of New Dimensions® tinctures: Cat’s Claw, Dong Quai and Hawthorn Berry. Like all of our New Dimensions® tinctures, these new additions are made the Hanna Kroeger way: without heat or harmful solvents and are simply herbs, distilled water and alcohol.


Cat’s Claw is a creeping vine that grows in the South American rainforest.   It is used as an anti-inflammatory agent and immune stimulant.  Cat’s Claw is a rich source of sterols, chemical compounds that are related to steroids. The sterols effectively help to reduce swelling in the body, making Cat’s Claw a benefit for all forms of arthritis.   It supports the body during illness by stimulating the immune system to increase white blood cells and also offers protection while detoxifying the intestinal tract.  This is a valuable herb for the young and old.


Dong Quai is the root of the Chinese Angelica plant.  Dong Quai relieves many symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).  It is a regulator for the female reproductive system.  Some of its compounds work towards stimulating the uterus, while others help to relax it.  Dong Quai can also induce the production and/or regulation of hormones. It has been shown to improve quality and mobility of sperm cells, making Dong Quai a valuable asset for infertility issues.  Dong Quai also acts to lower blood pressure and reduce the formation of plaque on artery walls.  This wonderful herb is beneficial to both men and women.


Hawthorn Berry comes from the thorny deciduous tree in the Rose family.  It contains compounds that support the heart and circulatory system.  It is most often used to protect against the beginning stages of heart disease: heart muscle weakness, pressure and tightening in the chest, and mild arrhythmia.  One of the ways Hawthorn works is by dilating the blood vessels which improves circulation.  Hawthorn is high in vitamin C and ‘heart health promoting’ antioxidants called anthocyanidins.  Hawthorn has been used for centuries to prevent heart disease and is a star ingredient in Hanna’s popular Circu Flow® herbal combination.  We are excited to offer this supreme herb in tincture form.


Check out these 3 amazing new tinctures and see if they have a place in your protocol for achieving optimum health!


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