CircuFlow – Hanna’s Master Formula for Heart Health


January 22nd, 2014 · Hanna Kroeger, Heart Health, Herbs for

Hanna-FlowersIf you google “master” you’ll find a definition that suits Hanna: A skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity. Master suits Hanna for her speciality in performing hands-on therapy, consulting with hundreds of people at New Age Foods in downtown Boulder, CO and for the creation of her master formula, CircuFlow. Through success with the individual ingredients of CircuFlow for addressing heart issues, Hanna saw the benefit that could come from encapsulating them in order to make it more available to everyone who wanted to keep their heart healthy. Though heart disease has been on the minds of Americans since that time, the concern grows with each passing year as the number of deaths due to heart disease continue to climb. Right now 1 in 4 deaths in America is a result of heart disease but there’s hope!  Check out how these 7 ingredients make up a Master Formula that is celebrated world wide for heart health and consider what CircuFlow can do for you.  [Read more →]


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Protein Deficiency – Causes, Symptoms, & How to Reverse It


January 21st, 2014 · Conscious Living, Disease Prevention, Healthy Living

A variety of cooking shows on television, magazines devoted to the art of creating in the kitchen, and specialty grocers popping up everywhere in America are an example of the attention we are paying to food and the value of a delicious and healthy meal. While we are aware of the importance of a well balanced diet the bustle of the work week, extra curricular activities, and a busy life can stand in the way of being able to prepare it, especially in the winter. With fewer hours of daylight and the need to get as much done as possible during them, it’s not surprising that during these months some of our levels of nutrients are depleted and our health can suffer because of it. polled Americans and found that 20% of our weekly meals are eaten on the go in our cars and that 1 in 4 of us eat at least one fast food meal per day. A busy lifestyle and the need to eat quickly to “fill the tank” is causing a common deficiency nationwide that many of us are not aware of, protein deficiency. Being too busy to cook and choosing the standard fallback of eating out or buying take away food is impacting our health in a major way with cravings, joint and muscle pain, mood disorders, and skin issues, among other complaints connected to protein deficiency. Not sure if you’re experiencing symptoms because of your diet? Here’s a closer look at how you can check and reverse the negative impacts of protein deficiency.  [Read more →]


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Three Steps to a Healthier You in 2014


January 9th, 2014 · Conscious Living, healthy gut, Healthy Living

new_years_resolutions_list-480x280Fad diets are, in my opinion, pretty hilarious. If you sit back and consider the “rules” of fad diets I’d be willing to bet you may find them comical as well. Take the purple diet: you can eat whatever you’d like but it has to be purple in color… eggplant with grape jelly and purple hard candies? Dinner is served! What about the air diet where you eat, well, nothing? How is that a diet? It sounds more like starvation by another name. The liquid diet isn’t much different than the air diet considering you won’t actually be allowed to chew anything while the cabbage soup diet only takes it one step further, giving you the opportunity to chew but wrecking your digestive tract and causing bouts of diarrhea from eating too much cabbage. Fad diets can be pretty extreme and promise to give you immediate weight loss with no promise for a long-term goal. While you might enjoy quickly dropping a few pounds of water weight, going to an extreme based on a diet that is in the temporary lime light isn’t the way to drop the holiday weight or start your year off right. While losing weight and getting healthy is at the top of most New Year’s Resolution Lists, attaining that goal doesn’t have to mean you starve yourself, succumb to the latest fad diet, or eat only one portion of the color wheel. Check out these three steps to weight loss and a healthier you. Really, it’s as simple as 1-2-3. [Read more →]


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Break The Emotional Eating Habit!

Stephanie Milliman

December 10th, 2013 · Conscious Living, Healthy Living

Natural Remedies to Help Get You “Unstuck”

Photo by herunidot.comMillions of people eat when they are bored, sad, lacking creativity or fulfillment in their lives or don’t feel satisfied. If this is you, you are not alone. This habit can be intensified around the holidays with so much added stress and of course by all the extra “comfort” foods at an arm’s reach.

Breaking the habit of emotional eating by finding natural and supportive ways to calm and successfully soothe yourself and the way you feel about eating is a much better approach than dieting, which tends to feel more about deprivation than a real solution. We’re here to give you a helping hand on how to stay on track and still enjoy yourself this season!

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Ashwagandha: Herb with the Strength of 10 Horses

Stephanie Milliman

December 6th, 2013 · adaptogen, Antioxidant, Disease Prevention, Healthy Living

Ashwagandha has been referred to as having the “Strength of 10 Horses”

Ashwagandha has potent antioxidant properties to help protect against cellular damage caused by free radicals

It’s no secret the staff at Hanna’s Herb Shop are excited about the whole body support provided by adaptogenic herbs and we’ve got another reason to celebrate! Joining the line of Kroeger Herb’s Complete Concentrates is a highly acclaimed adaptogen, Ashwagandha (pronounced ash-wah-gon-dah) also known as “Winter Cherry.”

Adaptogen herbs get their name from their adaptable traits. They interact within each body in a unique way and find what’s wrong and attempt to fix it. They are cherished in ancient medicine as “longevity herbs,” adaptogens harmonize with your body, providing a multitude of benefits. Among the most well-known adaptogens in the western world is Schizandra, made popular by Dr. Oz, who brought attention to the herb calling it a “miracle remedy for anti-aging.”

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Colloidal Silver: Antiviral, Antifungal, Anti-Illness!


December 4th, 2013 · Hanna Kroeger, Homeopathy

image courtesy of

Colloidal Silver can be used for numerous health issues: from the common cold to intestinal problems.

While Echinacea in a capsule can help keep your immune system strong and garlic in your dinner can ward off a virus, there are natural remedies for the cold and flu season that do not come from the roots, flowers, and plants of the world. Silver has been a natural immune booster and remedy for sickness for over a hundred years and has a large group of supporters worldwide for good reason. From fungus, to viral infections, to the sniffles and sneezes of cold and flu season, take a look at why silver should have a spot beside the healing teas, tinctures, and salves of your natural remedy selection.

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Adaptogenic Herbs – Whole Body Health


November 25th, 2013 · adaptogen, Antioxidant

Having a wide variety of the purest products on our shelves, it’s not uncommon that people ask “What’s your favorite herb?” or “What do you take every day?” While the answer may differ as far as the name of the herb I am taking is concerned, the type of herb remains the same…I love adaptogens.

shizandra berry

Mildly sedative, a small dose of Schizandra will help calm the nerves and relax the body.

Adaptogens are herbs that have been around for thousands of years; they’re the basis of Ayurvedic healing in India and are known as Superior Herbs in Chinese medicine. To be considered adaptogenic, an herb must meet each of these three requirements:

  1. The herb must produce a nonspecific response. For example, an adaptogenic herb will allow your body to “adapt” to an increase in multiple stressors, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally.
  2. The herb will have a normalizing influence on the system. If you are having difficulty sleeping and have little energy each day, for example, an adaptogenic herb will assist you in getting proper rest as well as providing you with energy during the day.
  3. The herb is innocuous and does not hinder normal and healthy bodily function.

What makes adaptogenic herbs so unique is that they provide wellness for the entire body, not just one symptom or complaint. Because the day-to-day stressors of life impact us both mentally and physically, adaptogens work towards providing our bodies with a balance among the up and down. Stress at work, lack of sleep, changes in schedules, illness, a long to-do list, or the loss of a loved one are only a few examples of some of the stressors that can impact our body negatively but can be lessened with the introduction of adaptogens. [Read more →]


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Botanicals for Bladder Health


November 22nd, 2013 · Conscious Living, Healthy Living, Uncategorized

We find it interesting that Cranberries are graded and separated by a method called “bouncing.” A good berry has been said to have bounced seven times. (Source:

The holiday season is officially upon us and, as we look forward to a day of thanks and feasting with family and friends, we will be taking part in traditions that trace back to the 1600′s and the first celebration of Thanksgiving by the Pilgrims in what is known today as modern-day New England. In giving thanks for a plentiful harvest it was here that a practice of a table full of delicious fare was born and we follow in a similar celebration today.

While historians believe there was no turkey or cranberry sauce present at the first Thanksgiving meal, these foods have become something we look forward to every year. This year President Obama will pardon a turkey and save it from the dinner table in hopes of the bird enjoying a healthy life (a long-standing and light-hearted occasion from the White House). Let us help you enjoy a healthy life by sharing with you some of the benefits of cranberry.

[


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Hanna’s Home Remedies to Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

Stephanie Milliman

November 15th, 2013 · Cleansing and Detox, Hanna Remedies, home remedy

Lymphatic System: the other circulatory system

Lymphatic system: the other circulatory system

Did you know our lymphatic system aids the immune system in our bodies to remove and destroy waste, pathogens, toxins, and dead blood cells? It also absorbs fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system delivering the nutrients to the cells of the body where they are needed. Have you considered the significance of the lymphatic system and its connection to your overall well-being?  [Read more →]


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“Elixirs of Life” – Adaptogen Herbs for Natural Longevity

Caitlin S.

November 13th, 2013 · adaptogen, Anti-aging, Hanna Kroeger, Herbs for

Yellow_EmperorCertain icons throughout history are so important we are unable to overlook them. They have left such a lasting impression on our society that their mark will go down in history, forever remembered for their strength. In the world of herbs and natural health, Ginseng is one of those icons.

Ginseng – an Herbal Icon of Life

ginsengBy the early 1900s, stories of ginseng’s soul-strengthening, eye-brightening, and heart-opening abilities had spread so far that Korea could no longer keep up with the world-wide demand. Deep in the Manchuria Mountains of China, Ginseng was originally used as food, but the positive effect the root had on villagers was undeniable. By the third century AD, ginseng was so highly valued for its strength-giving and rejuvenating powers that it had become an emblem of life itself. The demand for ginseng root had become so high that it fueled the Chinese silk trade in Korea. Many Chinese emperors revered the herb so strongly that they were willing to pay buckets of gold for a single root, in hopes of becoming the strongest and most agile emperor in history. Ginseng became an icon of health and life. [Read more →]


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