Botanicals for Bladder Health

Sara Beth

November 22nd, 2013 · Conscious Living, Healthy Living, Uncategorized

We find it interesting that Cranberries are graded and separated by a method called “bouncing.” A good berry has been said to have bounced seven times. (Source:

The holiday season is officially upon us and, as we look forward to a day of thanks and feasting with family and friends, we will be taking part in traditions that trace back to the 1600′s and the first celebration of Thanksgiving by the Pilgrims in what is known today as modern-day New England. In giving thanks for a plentiful harvest it was here that a practice of a table full of delicious fare was born and we follow in a similar celebration today.

While historians believe there was no turkey or cranberry sauce present at the first Thanksgiving meal, these foods have become something we look forward to every year. This year President Obama will pardon a turkey and save it from the dinner table in hopes of the bird enjoying a healthy life (a long-standing and light-hearted occasion from the White House). Let us help you enjoy a healthy life by sharing with you some of the benefits of cranberry.

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Hanna’s Home Remedies to Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

Stephanie Milliman

November 15th, 2013 · Cleansing and Detox, Hanna Remedies, home remedy

Lymphatic System: the other circulatory system

Lymphatic system: the other circulatory system

Did you know our lymphatic system aids the immune system in our bodies to remove and destroy waste, pathogens, toxins, and dead blood cells? It also absorbs fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system delivering the nutrients to the cells of the body where they are needed. Have you considered the significance of the lymphatic system and its connection to your overall well-being?  [Read more →]


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“Elixirs of Life” – Adaptogen Herbs for Natural Longevity

Caitlin S.

November 13th, 2013 · adaptogen, Anti-aging, Hanna Kroeger, Herbs for

Yellow_EmperorCertain icons throughout history are so important we are unable to overlook them. They have left such a lasting impression on our society that their mark will go down in history, forever remembered for their strength. In the world of herbs and natural health, Ginseng is one of those icons.

Ginseng – an Herbal Icon of Life

ginsengBy the early 1900s, stories of ginseng’s soul-strengthening, eye-brightening, and heart-opening abilities had spread so far that Korea could no longer keep up with the world-wide demand. Deep in the Manchuria Mountains of China, Ginseng was originally used as food, but the positive effect the root had on villagers was undeniable. By the third century AD, ginseng was so highly valued for its strength-giving and rejuvenating powers that it had become an emblem of life itself. The demand for ginseng root had become so high that it fueled the Chinese silk trade in Korea. Many Chinese emperors revered the herb so strongly that they were willing to pay buckets of gold for a single root, in hopes of becoming the strongest and most agile emperor in history. Ginseng became an icon of health and life. [Read more →]


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Fighting Flu with Ginger Root

Sara Beth

November 7th, 2013 · Cleansing and Detox, Hanna Kroeger, Hanna Remedies, Healthy Living, Herbs for, home remedy

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Did you know Ginger also helps pregnant women who are nauseous and those suffering with motion sickness?

While you are lined up to get one of the estimated 140+ million vaccinations available this flu season, maybe you’d like to consider a natural root readily available in most grocery stores nationwide? It can help keep your immune system healthy, protect you from the symptoms of flu, and warm your chilly bones this winter. What is this naturally beneficial and amazing root? Ginger! [Read more →]


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Top Foods for Brain Health

Sara Beth

November 4th, 2013 · Anti-aging, Healthy Living

Hanna was an advocate of our kitchen’s being the first line of defense in overall well-being and for treating illnesses. Keeping this in mind, we have looked to our cupboards and refrigerators to compile a list of foods to eat to keep your brain functioning in tip top shape. While research linking diet to prevention of mental decline is still in its infancy, there is no shortage of research on how some foods have a positive impact on brain function, health and memory. Check out the top foods for a healthy brain.  [Read more →]


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5 Reasons Pumpkin Seeds Are a Good Treat

Sara Beth

October 30th, 2013 · Hanna Remedies, Healthy Living, Heart Health

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Pumpkin seeds have high levels of essential minerals: iron, manganese, zinc, potassium, copper, calcium, magnesium, and selenium.

Treats don’t just come in a tiny wrapper this Halloween! Did you know pumpkin seeds can provide support to your immune system, fight against parasites, give you a boost of healthy omega 3s, aid sleep with the Tryptophan amino acid they contain, even alleviate inflammation?

Most people do not realize there are medicinal values of the pumpkin seeds. Studies suggest the seeds contain unique DHEA (di hydro epi-androstenedione) effects that help with prostate and ovarian health. And experimental studies on pumpkin seed oil have shown phytochemical compounds may have a role in the prevention of kidney illness. Take a look at the 5 reasons to keep the seeds from the pumpkin your ‘ghost or goblin’ carves to celebrate this Halloween!

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Home Remedies for Cough and Cold

Sara Beth

October 23rd, 2013 · Hanna Remedies, Healthy Living, Herbs for


Olive Leaf is a naturally superb addition to add to your herb shelf

The transition from fall to winter is a beautiful one with vibrant changes of color in trees, crisp air, and earlier nightfall. It’s during this scenic time that many Americans could face health challenges while they are enjoying the change in seasons. It is anticipated that about 1 billion people will suffer from a cold this year, so if you find yourself as one in those billion, we’ve got cold and cough remedies that can get you back on track!


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Fight Inflammation with Natural Foods

Sara Beth

October 22nd, 2013 · Cleansing and Detox, Disease Prevention, Healthy Living

Think about the last time you bumped your knee or sprained your ankle; there was a change in color and a puffiness associated with that minor injury. This puffiness is inflammation, a natural healing process of our bodies signaling to us that our immune system, is addressing the issue but what about chronic inflammation when no injury is present?

Recent studies on chronic inflammation have shown that people with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disorders such as lupus, or arthritis have higher levels of inflammation in their bodies as well as less severe conditions like asthma, allergies, acne, or hay fever. There are foods you can eat to help tame inflammation in your body as well as foods to avoid that fuel the fire. Hippocrates said we should use food as our medicine and medicine as our food-sound advice.

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Mushrooms as a Natural Remedy?

Sara Beth

October 18th, 2013 · Antioxidant, Herbs for, home remedy

With the onset of cold and flu season, we encourage you to ready your system for attack with natural herbs like echinacea, olive leaf, mushrooms! Yes,  they too can be a natural remedy to many ailments. Traditionally there is a rise in the use of Vitamin-C in most American’s diets once the weather turns cold and the sniffles turn on. While the benefits of Vitamin-C are amazing year round, many consumers may believe the benefits to be heightened in winter due to the onset of cold and flu season. Vitamin-C is an excellent addition to your attack on unwanted coughs and sneezes but aside from the orange juice, soup and plenty of liquids recommendation…  did you ever consider Olive leaf? Echinacea? Or even …Mushrooms?

Yes, mushrooms…but more on that later.

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The Benefits of Schizandra – Herbal Powerhouse

Caitlin S.

October 10th, 2013 · adaptogen, Anti-aging, Antioxidant, Hanna Kroeger, Herbs for

Schizandra berries are sticky & difficult to get in a capsule but Kroeger doesn't add any flowing agents to the berry!

Schizandra berries are sticky & difficult to get in a capsule but Kroeger doesn’t add any flowing agents to it.

Isolated to the far eastern part of the world, the Schizandra berry has gone undiscovered for decades. Nanai hunters (Russian natives) nibbled on small red berries, called “Limonnik” and known as Schizandra in English, to improve their night vision and ward off the effects of hunger and thirst while out on hunting missions. These hunters would trek through eastern Russia for incredible lengths of time relying only on the Schizandra berry for strength. The same small berry was coveted as the “five-flavor berry” in China where it was used in traditional medicine to treat lung, kidney, diarrhea and heart complaints. Only now is the rest of the world sinking their teeth into the Schizandra miracle berry, which should sit on the list of “superfoods”, right next to Acai and Goji berries. [Read more →]


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